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2018They Gave All Here

They Gave All Here

Farm Office

2010Cathedral to Water Production

Cathedral to Water Production

Omohundro Water Treatment Plant – Filter Building

2017Epicenter of the Nations

Epicenter of the Nations

Stocking 51

2016Growing The Gulch

Growing The Gulch

601 North 9th Avenue

2015From trash to class

From trash to class

Cordell Hull Building

2015Guiding MTSU’s Educational Experience

Guiding MTSU’s Educational Experience

Middle Tennessee State University Master Plan

2011Humpty Dumpty Together Again

Humpty Dumpty Together Again

Wynnewood State Historic Site

2017Still Serving Nashville Community

Still Serving Nashville Community

Omohundro Water Treatment Plant - Historic Buildings

2001Art Deco Splendor

Art Deco Splendor

Princess Theatre

1990Much More Than Peanuts

Much More Than Peanuts

Tuskegee University