2016Growing The Gulch

601 North 9th Avenue

Growing The Gulch

601 North 9th Avenue
Nashville, TN
Completed in: 2017
Client: Talbott Ottinger


The existing building at 601 9th Ave South is a single story, CMU block building built approximately 50 years ago as a 12,000 SF warehouse in an industrial railroad neighborhood. That neighborhood is now one of Nashville’s hottest neighborhoods – “the Gulch” – where today, more 20-story condo and office towers line the streets than do the one-story warehouses. The site of this building is on the edge of the core development of The Gulch, but growth is continuing to expand this direction. This corner lot, combined with the growth in the gulch and a proposed city-funded pedestrian bridge connecting the gulch to downtown less than a block away, makes this location a currently under-appreciated but valuable site.

The owner sought to cost effectively update and refresh the otherwise faceless warehouse to become a new creative office and/ or retail building. Taking advantage of the existing roll up door openings, a new dual-front entrance with double glass roll-up doors and a large front porch was added to the front of the building. A new screen wall/signage wall wrapping the front porch creates a key branding opportunity both for the building itself as well as future tenants. Focussing on the entrance as the key element to bring maximum impact, the remaining building was painted, planted, and punched windows added around the corner to maximize daylight opportunities inside.