2018Art Inspired Living

North Lights

Art Inspired Living

North Lights
Nashville, TN
Completed in: In Progress
Client: Aerial Development and Imagine1 Co


As more people are discovering the proximity to downtown and breathtaking views, this area of West Trinity Lane is seeing an increase in residential and commercial real estate development along this city planned future transit corridor. Aerial Development Group is creating a walkable, artist friendly development with attainable living options. The buildings will serve as blank canvas for artists inspired by iconic destinations like Wynwood Walls in Miami.

North Lights will be the neighborhood’s first large scale, mixed-use development including outdoor communal space that maintains the natural landscape, 25,000 sf of retail and commercial space along West Trinity Lane which includes 197 Apartment Units, 90 Townhomes, 16 Single Family Cottage Homes and 11 Single Family Residential Lots.

“North Lights was born out of making this space a light of hope for the city - a place artists could thrive and live affordably while creating a community that all in the city will be drawn to.”