2007Integrity in Education

Julia Green Elementary

Integrity in Education

Julia Green Elementary
Nashville, TN
Completed in: 2009
Client: Metro Nashville Public Schools


The Julia Green Elementary School project was a public-private partnership between NAPE (Nashville Alliance for Public Education) and the Metro Nashville Public Schools. The project included an 11,500 SF addition to the existing school that expanded the existing library by adding a reading room and a multi-purpose auditorium. The addition also expanded the classroom space by adding a new Music classroom, classrooms for the standard curriculum, and a Discovery/Language Lab.

Approximately 31,000 SF of the existing school was renovated including a complete new HVAC, electrical, data and technology systems, as well as, new windows and finishes. The Cafeteria and Kitchen were totally renovated with tremendous new amounts of natural daylighting added to the Cafeteria. The Administration area was completely renovated and the physical arrangement changed in order to create a new entry sequence to improve security to the school. Also included was a new “front door” and facade to the school that greatly enhanced the image to the community.