2014Respectful of the Past

Heritage East

Respectful of the Past

Heritage East
Nashville, TN
Completed in: Anticipated 2018 Completion
Client: Imagine1 Co


East Nashville is a neighborhood with a long and memorable history. It is known for its recognizable building styles and architectural language dating back to the 1800s.

This site in Eastwood Neighbors has been owned by Colley family for over 100 years and originated as their family farm. The iconic log cabin will remain and was built by one of the Colley forefathers and has housed some of the country’s most well known musical talent from time to time.

Fronting a main, still developing corridor, this project remains true to the existing neighborhood by activating the streets and pedestrian areas with porches and keeping with the Arts and Crafts aesthetic of the surrounding homes. The high-end three-story multifamily housing steps back from the street to match the scale of Porter Road while the detached single homes create a transition between the existing and evolving urban density.

A labor of love for all involved, we are excited to see how well it integrates into the existing neighborhood fabric.